10 Cool Bathroom Remodeling Trends

When deciding what to incorporate into your bathroom, well everyone wants their bathroom to be on the “cool” list.  This lists ten of the coolest and most popular bathroom trends on the market.

  1. Keep it Antique

It’s become a recent trend to incorporate antique and vintage pieces into a bathroom.  This is to the point that manufacturers have started taking vintage tubs and antique tile and renovating them rather than scrapping them.  The consumer wants what the consumer wants, and antique bathrooms are in.

  1. More Than A Rectangle

bathroom tubs

One of the biggest bathroom trends at the moment are shapely tubs.  Big, curvy tubs are redefining the way bathrooms are made all over the world.  Rectangles are becoming a thing of the past as manufacturers are catching on.  Coming in many different colors and designs, the point of the tub is that it’s big, spacious and attractive to look at.  Everyone wants one these days, and they can really make a bathroom seem bigger than it actually is.

  1. Nickels Not Dimes

Okay, so really not talking about money here.  One of the top trends for bathroom renovators these days is the use of nickel fixtures.  This is because Nickel is both attractive to look at and durable.

  1. Mount It Up

Faucets that are mounted on the sink or wall are in.  This offers consumers a clean design.  The plumbing for this style is also a lot less problematic, and it saves floor space.  You can combine the mounted faucet with an antique sink bowl and PRESTO, you have a cool bathroom.  Seriously, this is one of most popular remodeling trends.

  1. Shimmer

Make it shimmer, make it shine.  Designers have begun incorporating decorative glass into the design of the bathroom.  This glass comes and many different colors and can used to cover a portion of your wall or the entire thing.  This will literally make your bathroom sparkle.

  1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

bathroom mirrors

So maybe not just the wall.  Mirrored surfaces have recently become a big hit in remodeling.  Whether it is cabinet doors or counter tops, the mirrors are in.  This trend makes the entire bathroom shine, and makes it seem brighter and better lit than what it actually is. For professional installation, check out our Vanity and Bathroom Mirror Installation.

  1. Store It In Style

Another popular trend is the use of pharmacy cabinets for storage.  This is because they are not only stylish, but allow a lot of storage room.  They also come in many different sizes, allowing you to find a size that works and fits in with the design of your bathroom.

  1. Forget The Frame

Frameless glass showers add an elegant beauty to the décor of the bathroom.  At the same time, they make the bath seem larger than it actually is.  The best thing about the lack of frame is that it allows the shower to go with any possible décor you come up with.  The shower never again will stick out like a sore thumb.

  1. Classic Is Classy

Classic subway styles are making a comeback.  Shaped like bricks, they are beginning to be seen in bathroom projects everywhere.  Typically designers like to use black and white tiles to give the room a clean and fresh look, but plain white can be used as well allowing for a more elegant feel. For more tips on selecting the right bathroom tiles, check out our Tips for Selecting Bathroom Tiles.

  1. Tech

What? In the bathroom?  Yes, it truly is a technological world we live in.  Hi-tech bathing is in, and consumers have a variety of choices when it comes to shower heads, tub types, and even towel warmers.  The bathing experience can be completely transformed from symbiotic showers to therapeutic baths, hi-tech is in and it’s not going out anytime soon.

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