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Fence post repairA fence in any yard adds many great features including providing security, a defined yard, and can even give additional privacy. Fences can be designed with either metal or wood as a material. While metal is an excellent option for fences, they don’t always provide the same classic look as a wooden fence. However, wood fences are prone to damage, because they are outside and are exposed to rain, snow, and just all around moisture or humidity. Wood rot is a potential problem with fences because of the moisture. Once rotting has started, it is nearly impossible to stop, which is why it is essential to make repairs when it is noticed.

Signs A Fence Post Would Need To Be Fixed

Because the most significant problem is rotting, its essential to know what to look for to identify if this is your problem. Wood rot is primarily caused by a fungus,  and these are these signs you will typically look for first. The presence of the fungus that causes dry rot in fence posts can look like green algae, or even white mushrooms. These are definite signs that your fence post has become diseased. Later on, in the dry rot process, you will notice the wood will start to splinter or crumble, and in the final stages begin to look like a combination of sawdust and wood shredding. At some point in between these stages, wood will also start to become discolored and turn almost black.

What Type Of Repairs Are Available

There are two types of repairs that can be made. The first is salvaging the fence post you currently have by removing the diseased part of the wood. This is crucial for the repair to be efficient. Then there will be a reconstruction of the wood panel. The second type is when there is so much damage to the post that it isn’t salvageable. What this will mean is a complete replacement for the post. The task of replacing is a little more complicated because of how the post is secured to the ground. For a fence to be sturdy, the posts are anchored into the ground with cement.

How A Fence Post Repair Is Done

A technician will examine the amount of damage to your fence, there may be multiple posts that need to be repaired, and this should be done at the same time. Depending on why there is damage the course of treatment will vary. If a fence post has become broken due to an accident and it has split in half, a technician will need to pull the entire post out of the ground and put in a replacement. Anytime a replacement is done, the same type of wood will be used to match correctly.

If your fence is experiencing dry rot, and the post is still in okay condition, a few steps will be taken to repair. First, the wood will be cleaned out, and traces of rot is removed. Then a fungicide spray is applied to ensure the dry rot does do spread. A wood filler and sealant are then used to give back the appearance of undamaged wood. A stain can be applied to match colors if needed.

Who Should You Contact For Fence Post Repair In Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Handyman can handle any of your fence post repair needs. We have experience with dry rot repair and wood replacement to give your fence back the look and stability. We serve the Sacramento and surrounding areas for all your home repair needs.

Don’t let unsightly fence damage ruin your yard. Give Sacramento Handyman a call today, 916-472-0507 for your free estimate or just fill out request form here.

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  1. Have several 4×4 wood fence posts broken at the bottom.. wire screen fence with snake fence attached to bottom third… want to save old wire fence…

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