Custom Carpentry For Improved Functionality

Custom carpentry is an excellent way to add subtle finishes to any part of your house. There are several different ways to display custom carpentry throughout the home including closets and wall trim. Depending on what you want to do and how ornate your taste, adding these features can be cost-effective. Choosing a handyman to install them, if you don’t feel comfortable will get the job done quickly with the best results. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used custom carpentry ideas and what advantages they can play in your home.

Custom Closets

Closet space is fantastic for keeping organized. However, closest is somewhat dull. It will perhaps contain a single shelving unit and a bar for hanging clothes. It is not much to admire. However, having a custom carpentry service like having an original bespoke closet designed can make your wardrobe stand out.

Apparently, the addition of more shelves or the addition of drawers will give you much more usable space to store your belongings. The ability to keep things more organized is a top feature many homeowners love about adding a custom closet. They can be done with both a traditional closet and a walk-in closet, and designed to whatever specifications you need or want. For some that have a walk-in closet, or almost a whole room-sized closet the addition of an island makes for a great centerpiece that also adds functionality to the style.

Crown Moulding









Crown molding or molding is a feature added to the top of a wall that connects it to the ceiling. These can be as elaborate in design as you would like or as simple depending on your needs. Crown molding can be utilized in conjunction with other trim pieces such as wainscoting to give a room a finished look that is superbly pleasing to the eye. Most realtors agree that crown molding adds a touch of class and adds value to a home.

Crown molding can be made out of a variety of materials, from composite fiber to wood. The selection of designs are endless and will vary in price point. They aren’t the easiest piece of trim to install and having a handyman can almost certainly make the task a breeze.


One wouldn’t think that baseboards can be a custom carpentry item, but they are. Baseboards provide a unique function to any room and do finish the room. The job of the baseboard can vary from hiding carpet lines to blending the hardwood seamlessly into the wall. Typically baseboards only stand a few inches high but are available in several different styles. Most brands are made from wood, but they are not limited to this material. You can find baseboards in vinyl or composite, which may be slightly cheaper. You can also refurbish old baseboard trim to look brand new with the addition of a little sanding and adding a fresh stain for an updated look.

While these aren’t the only options available for custom carpentry in your home, they are the most desired and used. Adding these elements can improve the look of your home and personalize it according to your taste. With these advantages in mind, considering adding these features will pull the room together and create a final look you will love.

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One thought on “Custom Carpentry For Improved Functionality

  1. I am interested in getting several projects done around my home.
    1) Drywall repair in several rooms.
    2) Tile work in my bathroom. Have all the materials.
    3) Front door trim work.
    4) Laundry room plumbing in wall instead of faucet to tub and stand pipe drain in wall for washer.
    5) Small fence at front courtyard.
    6) Install 2 light fixtures in master bedroom.
    7) Install 2 light fixtures outside by garage doors.
    8) Add drip irrigation.
    9) add fan in hall bath (maybe a solar tube with fan)
    10) Add kitchen cabinet trim work.

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