Front Door Replacement in Sacramento

Sacramento front door replacement
Professional exterior door installation in Sacramento.

If you are looking for a wonderful way to transform the look of your property, a front door replacement could generate the results you desire. From wood doors to aluminum, fiberglass and more, there are a seemingly endless range of colors, sizes and styles of exterior doors for you to choose from. Each will have a gorgeous yet unique impact on the look of your property and can enhance curb appeal with impeccable results. Getting a front door replacement is a major undertaking, but you can trust the team at Sacramento Handyman to give you fast, reliable service.

Choosing the Right Door Style
The front door on your home will impact curb appeal in an incredible way. While it may seem like a small feature on your home, it is nonetheless a prime focal point for your property. The right front door style may have a missionary look, a traditional style, a modern look, stained glass or etched glass features or something else altogether. There are single and double doors as well as door systems with side glass features and over-the-door glass features. Each will impact the style of a home differently, so spend ample time considering how the door style will impact curb appeal. In addition, remember that the door style will also be visible from the interior of the home.

A Word About the Material
The material that you select for your front door can play a role in everything from durability and energy efficiency to repair and maintenance needs. Aluminum and steel may be among the best options with regards to energy efficiency and maintenance, but may homeowners prefer the look of wood. Wood doors generally will need to be stained or painted every couple of years to keep them looking great.

Professional Door Installation
In most cases, a front door replacement also will require the frame to be replaced. If the size and shape of the front door will change with the replacement, the door installation process may require some additional framing as well as interior drywall and exterior material installation services. Typically, you will want this in-depth work completed in a short period of time to maintain the protection, security and energy efficiency of your property. Professional installation services from a skilled crew will help you to complete the project with excellent results and in the minimum amount of time possible.

At Sacramento Handyman, we offer a full range of exterior door installation services. We offer installation services for all types of exterior doors. While this includes front doors, it also includes side and rear doors, including sliding glass doors. Whether you have plans to replace a single exterior door on your property or you have plans to improve your property with a complete renovation project throughout the exterior of your home, we are the company to contact for assistance.

Call us at 916-472-0507 to request a free estimate for your exterior door installation project and to learn more about how our other home improvement and repair services can benefit you.

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  1. Front door repair…the lock set on the framing of the door is shot….it needs to be rebuilt and the gap between door and frame needs to be fixtures need to be put on door to secure it from jimmying..Recent break-ins to my residence while at work.

  2. My front door is the major beautifier of my little house but it’s worn out, I’ll need a replacement entirely. Do I get the door myself while you fix it or you offer both services? I mean do you sell the doors too?

  3. I am extremely pleased with the work Sacramento did for me. They are lovely man, punctual and fastidious, and I recommend them highly.

  4. I need a front door with fine aesthetic appeal. The traditional design would be fine for me, alongside a little touch of fiberglass to be placed at the top. Thanks, hope to reach you soon via your contact.

  5. Thank you for this article. It sounds like a traditional design would be a good fit for me too. I appreciate all the information here.

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