Dry Rot Repair In Elk Grove, CA

Wood is one of the most used materials that make up a home. It is found in many features including the roofline, shutters, and fences just to name a few. Wood has some functions, but one element it can provide is structural. Its crucial that wood that is used for any fundamental reason remain intact and free of damage and wood rot. When any of these occur, it can cause a great deal of damage to adjoining parts of the home. It is important to fix any issues with wood quickly.

Common Signs Of Dry Rot

Dry rot repair in Elk Grove
Dry rot damaged lower door frame (Image from Commons.Wikimedia.org)

Dry rot is one of the most unappealing damages that can happen to wooden features on the interior or exterior of your home. The outside surfaces are more likely to suffer from dry rot due to the humidity. Moisture is the perfect setting for a fungus to grow, which is what causes wood to decay. During the early onset of rot, wood will appear to have discoloration. Have you ever seen green algae growing on a wooden fence or the pillars of a home? This is a mold that is trying to break down wood. Pressure washing with bleach is not a solution to this problem because it can injure the wood.

The presence of orange dust like substance is the first sign that your wood is being invaded by a fungus that will cause dry rot. Then gray strands will appear that will turn white after there is no more food for the fungus to feed upon. The last phase is the appearance of mushroom-like bodies that will spread the spores to other areas. It is vital that a dry rot infestation is caught and treated before spores can spread.

Types Of Dry Rot Repairs & How They’re Performed

Dry rot can be remedied in a couple of ways. It’s essential to note that the type of repair performed will significantly depend on how much damage that is present. The first standard solution is to make repairs to the existing wood. When a technician makes this type of repair, the wood will be cleansed of the current dry rot. The wood will more than likely be treated with a chemical fungicide to kill any remaining spores. Then the wood will be filled with a filler and encapsulated in a sealant to prevent dry rot from happening. Repairing the wood can only be done if the dry rot has not entirely eaten through the piece of wood. In some cases, such as structural lumber it’s crucial that it is looked at by an experienced handyman.

The next solution to dry rot is to replace any lumber that has been affected by a dry rot fungus. This can be an enormous task depending on where the wood is located and if it is a supporting board. With replacement, the old wood will be removed a foot or more on all sides of the infected area. This will ensure the dry rot doesn’t spread further. Then another solid piece of wood is put in place, sealed, and painted.

Who To Call For Dry Rot Repair In Elk Grove

Dry rot can happen to any lumber that is exposed to moisture or a humid environment. An experienced technician that can remove the entire infestation will offer the best results. Sacramento Handyman is capable of performing this task correctly and quickly.

Give Sacramento Handyman a call at 916-472-0507 for all your dry rot repair needs. We serve areas surrounding and including Sacramento including Elk Grove, CA.

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