Common Faucet Problems Homeowners Face

As many homeowners know, the kitchen is a place where a right amount of time is spent. The sink and its faucet are one of the key components. It is one that is likely used every day, from washing your hands, to cleaning off dishes to even cleaning the food you eat. When it is functioning properly, it is probably something you wouldn’t even give a second thought to. When the faucet starts to fail, you have two options. One is to repair, and the other is to have a new one installed. Kitchen faucet repair and kitchen faucet installation are one of the cheaper expenses a homeowner will come across. There are a few problems that will draw attention to this piece of hardware in your kitchen, so let’s take a look at why a faucet may stop functioning and when it is time to call a professional in.

Leaking Faucets

The first problem that almost everyone is familiar with is the leaking faucet. That constant dripping that never ends. It can spell trouble and rack up your water bill. Why does a plumbing leak? Sometimes a leak can be caused from an O-ring that has gone wrong or another part that has become worn. It is often common with a faucet because it is always around moisture, and seals don’t last forever. Rather than continuing to endure the constant drip, you can opt to have a repair done or install a new one. But be leery of trying to do a do it yourself project because that is where the second problem most people experience comes into play.

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DIY Installation Issues

The next most common issue experienced by homeowners is actually when they try to do a do it yourself installation or DIY faucet repair and sadly don’t do it correctly. It can cause all sorts of problems, including leaks from the spout to worse leaks under the sink and into the cabinet below. The real damage can come from a hole that is underneath the sink itself. It can lead to water damage and eventually lead to black mold. It is an excellent idea that if you are experiencing any of these types of issues to call in someone for a kitchen faucet repair. It is likely that a step may have been missed during the installation process and could be a quick, easy fix.

Rust in Water

Rust in water is one of the most common issues leading homeowners to opt for a new kitchen faucet installation. This problem is likely due to the faucet’s age and should be addressed to prevent the consumption of rust and lime. If you notice signs of rust in your water, it’s time to replace the faucet.

Water Pressure Loss

Lastly, water pressure loss is one that can annoy people like no other. It is a frustrating situation where you go to turn your water on, and you get almost no water coming out. While this problem might not be directly related to the faucet itself, it very well could be. Mineral deposits may start to build up in the faucet making it difficult to have the water flow you once had. It is particularly the case for those who live in places with hard water. If problems with water pressure happen, it is best to have a professional inspect what is exactly going on with the plumbing, and possibly have a kitchen faucet repair that involves completely cleaning its components of buildup.

Dealing with Common Bathroom Problems

Kitchen faucet problems can happen very frequently. They are one of the most regularly used parts of your kitchen. Anyone of the problems mentioned can be easily fixed by having a professional do the kitchen faucet repair and installation. Most issues can be resolved by fixing your current faucet, but if you are experiencing rust or notice rust on the outside of your faucet, then it should be time to install a new one.

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