Bathroom Light Fixture Installation Tips

You wake up, and things are hazy at first. Why can’t we all work from our beds? Once you head into the bathroom, you will be grateful for the bright light that meets you. But what if your lights go out or begin flickering, your day may not go as well. So be sure to keep an eye out on the condition of your bathroom lights!

St Regis Singapore Bathroom Light Fixture

If you are an expert and if you have the knowledge to install or replace a bathroom fixture, you know that there is electrical work involved. On paper, it may seem simple, but merely, it’s not. There are a few things that home owners find particularly frustrating about this project.

Sometimes, flipping the breaker is not going to be enough. You are still able to receive a shock even after turning the switch off that controls the light’s circuit. This happens because there are junction boxes that contain wiring from multiple courses. Even if the light fixture has no power, other live wires need to be avoided. Use a non-contact voltage detector to test these other wires and prevent a nasty shock.

Always buy extra hardware. When you take on a bathroom light fixture installation project, there are going to several tools to gather and buy. However, you can never buy wrong by bringing a few extra tools and pieces into the bathroom. Spare mounting brackets, for example, come in various types and sizes and you will benefit from having these extra parts around. Be aware of what fits with your junction box, as what comes with a light fixture kit. It is always good to be prepared for anything.

Keep a wire stripped or bolt cutter on hand. It will help you to shorten longer screws without ruining them. Wire strippers often have a specialized bolt cutter attached, which is perfect for this step. Just because a light fixture’s kit provides screws that just a bit too long does not mean that they are not useful.

If you find that some wires for the light fixture are two short, it can be frustrating trying to make sure that connections are meeting. You can extend shorter wires with extra wire when it is connected with stab-in connectors that fit well. A new piece of wire is known as a ‘pigtail,’ and it can be pushed into the connector while the connector is pushed into the old wire.

Just a word of caution with aluminum wiring: do not work on it without a professional. There are special techniques involved, and you do not want to hurt yourself or your home (or both) in the process of working with this type of wire. Call a licensed professional for this.

It is necessary to remember that electricity is a tricky subject. Electricians that work professionally need years of training and experience to get where they are. If you are not positive in your ability to fix a light fixture or repair wiring, it is essential that you do not attempt to take on the project. Your repair bills will inevitably go up. Call a professional whenever necessary.

Whether you have experience with electrical work or need to call a professional, make sure that you understand the electrical needs of your home particularly on bathroom light fixture installation needs, so that you can be sure that the light fixtures in your bathroom work smoothly.

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