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Flat roofs tend to need a little extra maintenance. The flat configuration of this roof invites more wear and tear due to weather extremes and temperatures. Heavy rainfall creates slight depressions in roofing where rainwater gathers. High winds may cause wind shears that loosen roofing materials. In the Sacramento region, high humidity is another factor in flat roof material deterioration. A flat roof should be inspected annually for signs of wear or damage.

Flat Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Depending on the roofing materials of construction, it’s best to have the entire roof surface inspected by an experienced roofing professional. Sacramento Handyman is recognized for their roofing experience that spans all types of roofing, from composites to metal.

Metal roofing materials on flat roofs last longer than composite or asphalt shingles. However, even metal roofing materials require maintenance. Certain metal roofing panels are embossed or coated for added protection. The average size of a metal roof panel ranges from eight to fourteen feet in length. The beauty of these panels is the availability of a wide range of colors. After installation of metal flat roof panels, have them checked for loss of color. In the hot Sacramento sun, fading and loss of color can occur.

Flat roof homes are found in the southwestern part of the US. Flat roof residential buildings are the most popular type of roofing. Warehousing and distribution centers particularly prize flat roofs for their durability and strength. Flat roofs also are installed with gables and rib closures. Gables and rib closures should be included in a flat roof inspection.

Asphalt and Composite Flat Roofs

Asphalt shingles have traditionally been the most popular choice in roofing materials. Today, these shingles are made to last longer. The average life span of newly installed asphalt shingles for a flat roof is approximately twenty years, depending on climate and temperatures.

Asphalt shingles have a certain amount of flexibility that allows the flat roof to “breathe” during peak temperatures. This helps to deflect heat away from the interior of a structure. Since a flat roof absorbs full sun, rain and snow directly, it is more affected by the elements than pitched roofs. In very arid areas, a flat roof absorbs heat more quickly, which causes roofing materials to become dry and brittle over time. A slight wind can carry off dry, brittle shingles more easily.

How to Choose the Right Roofing Experts

In the Sacramento area, keeping flat roofs in tip top condition is as easy as contacting the premier roofing repair specialists, Sacramento Handyman. Take advantage of a free work estimate and discuss arrangements for roof repair.

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A flat roof requires as much attention as other types of roofing. Rather than wait until repairs grow costly, discuss a roofing inspection and details of repairs with a Sacramento Handyman professional. Flat roofs repairs needn’t cause unnecessary worry. With a free estimate available, the cost of repairs is presented before work begins.

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