What Is A Shake Roof

Homes and their roofs have been built with several different materials over the years. What many people are accustomed to seeing are asphalt shingles and metal roofs. These are very traditional looking and have their own sets of features that make them excellent choices for homeowners. Shake roofs are a little out of the ordinary but are fantastic in their right. They are unique. And very appealing to the eye. But what exactly is a shake roof? Shake roofs are made up of wood. Shake roofs have been around for a very long time and were possibly the first type of roofing material used. They declined in popularity for a brief period, but seem to be making a comeback. The decline was more than likely attributed to the worry of fires and how a wood roof would withstand these situations. However, in modern times, shake roofs have come a long way, and now are offered with a flame retardant chemical making them much safer.

Shake RoofWhether the renewed interest is because of appearance or better quality, homeowners are opting for shake roofs. One reason people love them is longevity. In ideal conditions, a shake roof can last up to 30 years! When you compare this to asphalt shingles and their shelf life (10-15 years) the shake is quite impressive.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Shake Roof For Your Home

As with every purchase for your home, many factors come into play. When deciding on a shake roof consider:

  • The cost of materials
  • The expense of shake roof repair
  • The payment of shake roof installation

No roofing option is 100 percent perfect. Every material has a chance of repairs. A contractor can do a shake roof repair service, and the cost is roughly the same as asphalt shingles. The materials, though, might be slightly higher. Material cost will vary due to the thickness selected, brand, and if the shakes have been treated beforehand.

IMPORTANT: Installation cost will also vary friending in the contractor used.


Shake roofs are an excellent alternative to roofing materials. They are durable and long-lasting and are comparative to metal roofs in those regards. If you are looking to make your home stand out, and give its exterior appearance a makeover, shake shelters are an excellent choice. There are many beautiful options available on the market to provide you with the desired look that will make your home pop.

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