How To Take Care Of Dry Rot

Have you ever had dry rot in your home before? Well, if that’s what you are dealing with now I’m sure you can agree, it is not a pretty sight. Dry rot is the term used when speaking of wood decay. It is ‘dry’ because it is caused by fungus while seeming to be dry (hence dry rot). This particular type of damage is caused by numerous forms of fungus so all dry rot may not necessarily have the same cause but essentially have the same type of damage. Although contradicting to its name, moisture is what feeds and attracts the fungi in the first place. Once the fungus grows on the wood it causes it to weaken, deteriorate, and rot.

Scientifically, it sounds incredibly gross and truly it is. You can have wood that looks brittle, dry, and cracked from the inside out but then you can also have wood with the fungi notoriously visible. There are different stages and cases so it won’t all look the same. Dry rot also varies in size, color, etc. You could essentially try fixing it on your own at first although I genuinely wouldn’t even try to do so.

If you’re looking for repair options in the Sacramento area try searching for dry rot repair Roseville and you’ll come up with a listing of places near you but I have to say, you should check out Sacramento Handyman. If you go on their website right now they have an article all about dry rot and the pleasures of repairing the damage that comes with it. They have helpful tips and tricks for those of you who are little more courageous and handy than myself. They even explain the challenges that come with repairing dry rot since there are always issues that can come your way when tackling a project like this.

Like I said before, I prefer not having to do the dirty work. Plus, in all sincerity I will get something wrong no matter how simple the instructions are. It’s just not my thing. If you’re like me, don’t fret because there is a simpler solution. Hire a company that specializes in dry rot repairs like Sacramento Handyman. They obviously know what they are talking about so they’ll manage the damage in no time. If you are having this problem, go on their website and check out their services. If you call during business hours they will give you an estimate on the cost of repair in no time. Good luck!

Don’t let a simple dry rot get serious by calling the experts — Sacramento Handyman, at 916-472-0507. For estimates, visit our estimates page here.

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