Driveway Repair in Sacramento: How They Are Repaired

Sacramento driveway repair
Before and after driveway repair in Sacramento.

When you think about curb appeal and general property condition of your home, it is easy to overlook the important role your driveway plays in these areas. Your main focus may be on the overall look and condition of the home itself as well as on your yard or landscaping. While these are indeed important areas to focus on, the driveway is a large and highly visible feature on your property. When it is damaged, it can have a detrimental impact on curb appeal and can make your home look as though it has fallen into a state of disrepair. Whether you have a small crack in the driveway or the damage is much more significant, it is important to repair the damage soon.

Why Driveways Should Be Repaired Quickly

In most cases, damage to a driveway will develop slowly over time, but the size of the damaged area can become larger and more pronounced. The type of repair service that is used on a small crack or chip in a driveway is much different and far more affordable than the type of repair service that would be used on an area that is more significantly damaged. By making the repair sooner, you can minimize the impact to your property’s curb appeal, prevent a small problem from growing into a larger one and can keep repair costs to a minimum.

How Driveways Are Repaired

There are different techniques that can be used when you need driveway repair, and the proper technique will depend on the type of damage that is present. Most driveways are made out of a concrete slab. The slab typically will crack, chip or even sink into the ground in some sections. For small cracks that are less than a quarter-inch in width, simply patching the area is a smart idea. This can also work well with small chips in the concrete. When a larger area is damaged or when the concrete has sunk in certain areas, it may be necessary to remove the section of the driveway entirely and to replace it with new concrete. This can be a more significant and costly project to complete.

An Estimate For Your Project

If you have noticed signs of damage in your driveway, you may be wondering what type of repair service is needed for it and what the cost of driveway repair will be. When the wrong technique is used to repair a damaged driveway, there is a good chance that the repair results will look less than perfect or that the repair issue will continue to grow. If you want to learn more about what it will take to repair your driveway, you can contact Sacramento Handyman for a consultation and a free estimate.

Once your driveway repair service has been completed, you can enjoy improved curb appeal and can rest easy knowing that your property is well-maintained.

To set up a consultation with Sacramento Handyman and to request a free estimate for driveway repair, call 916-472-0507 or fill out our estimates form today.

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