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Sacramento affordable pressure washing
Affordable Pressure Washing in Sacramento

Pressure washing your home is the best way to remove dirt and grime from the exterior of your home. Rent or purchase a power washer for approximately $100. The rented versions often have more power than the standard pressure washers found at your local home improvement store. Pressure wash the exterior of your home at least every six months to keep it looking good. If you do not have time to power wash your home, then you can hire a contractor for the job.

Pressure Washing Tips

Cover the plants and outdoor furniture before you start washing. Add cleaning detergent tot the machine for best results. Use a stiff brush to scrub stains or mildew areas for best results. Wear protective gloves while working with a power washer. Siding requires a rotating scrub brush to remove dirt and stains. Start pressure washing from the bottom up to prevent streaks. Rinse from the top and work down. Pressure washing is similar to washing your car. Pressure washing works well on wood decks, concrete driveways, siding and brick.

Adjust Cleaning Power

There are two ways to adjust cleaning power using the pressure washer. You can adjust the distance that you hold the nozzle from the surface you are cleaning. The second way is to change the spray pattern. Some pressure washers will allow you to adjust the pressure regulator knob on the water pump or engine. This enables you to fine-tune the water pressure without altering the distance or spray patterns.

Pressure Washer Tools

There are a few tools you need to get the job done including gloves, scrub brush, liquid detergent, siphon tube, rotating scrub brush and bleach. You may also need to use a degreaser solution for some surfaces. It should only take you between one to three days to completely pressure wash the exterior of your home. Keep in mind that powerful pressure washers can cause injuries if they encounter your skin. Focus on keeping the nozzle away from your body to prevent injuries.

Consider hiring a professional contractor if the exterior of your home is stained and dirty. Professionals have experience with pressure washers, and you will not have to worry about injuring yourself. Residential models delivery a powerful spray that cleans the exterior of your home very well.

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