10 Roof Repair Tips

roof-repair-tips1. Safety Always Comes First

Fussing around in an attempt to locate a leak in the roof is an occupation that can see you “land” in the local hospital. Meddling on a rooftop when it’s raining or if it’s covered with snow or ice is most certainly not an ideal approach to finding a leak.

Also, making a quick-fix effort is not an appropriate strategy and can pose a high level of danger. To do things right, there really is no quick fix method. So, take your time, and remain patient. Mother Nature will eventually provide you with the green light you’ve been waiting for.

2. Take Necessary Precautions

Working on a rooftop will have you taking positions that are neither comfortable nor safe. That said, slip into a pair of rubber soled shoes so as to prevent slipping. Utilize a harness, and get together with a buddy for extra precaution.

3. Spray the Roof

Get yourself up onto the roof with a garden hose in hand and begin to spray water over different aspects of the roof to locate the leak. For obvious reasons, if the weather is particularly cold, as in “freezing,” it’s wise to avoid venturing onto the roof at all. In this scenario, let the professional handle it.

4.Keep those Gutters Clean

Among the most common causes for a leaking roof is a clogged gutter. A gutter that is clogged will cause water buildup whenever there’s a reasonable amount of rainfall.

5. Avoid Dry Rot

This problem is not related to water damage as such, but rather, to a lack of ventilation. If the repair is dead center within the roof, it could be on account of the deterioration of the plywood.

If this is the case, the roof will begin to sag, whereby the shingles will become brittle, crack, and start to leak. The prevention of dry rot consists of installing a ridge vent. However, a ridge vent can only function if there is also a soffit vent.

Holes must be drifted into the soffit vent to allow cool air to enter at the bottom, which in turn forces the warmer air out through the top.

6. Anticipate Ice Buildup

During the winter months, ice can accumulate below the roof’s membrane, the shingles, and the guttering. This ice then builds up once it spans over to the wall line at the point where the house is heated. In turn, this creates an interior drip.

Appropriate ventilation, together with ice and rain shields, together with the installation of a drip edge will all help to prevent this issue.

7. Fix Roof Boots

There are obvious locales for roof leaks to form in particular: Ice damping, skylights, roofing, and/ or flashing. The roof boots can be found at the point where the roof fence arises. And if the roof boots dry up, they can be the cause of a major leak or leaks.
Nevertheless, this scenario poses a quick fix. Go to your local hardware store and get a new roof boot. It’s possible that before installing it, you’ll have to remove some shingles and then lay fresh tar underneath.

8. Inspect Materials

Occasionally, shingles are found to be faulty and thus will begin to crack once they are nailed in place. Faulty installation of the shingles can also play a large part in the development of leaks, as can misplacement of nails. Be sure to check your merchandise carefully before clambering onto the roof.

9. Check Valleys

Where the intersection of two separate roofs meet, it is referred to as a valley. It’s also known as a ridge. This area is commonplace for leakage since it’s where almost all the water goes.

10. Eliminate Leaks

Can’t locate the leak? Don’t get discouraged. It is, after all, a process of elimination which involves patience and some level of planning, too.

For beginners, check out our beginner’s guide on roof repair. Not a beginner and needs serious roof help, immediately call 916-472-0507 today!

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