Professional Installation of a Pet Door in Sacramento

Sacramento pet door installation
Pet door installation in Sacramento.

Installing a pet door in one or more areas of your home is a great way to improve your life and to make your pets more comfortable. Many people who are considering pet door installation are gone from their homes for several hours or more each day, and they may be concerned about keeping their pets stuck indoors for such a long period of time. Others may be home most of the day, but they may not want to worry about getting up to let their pets out from time to time. With pet door installation, you essentially are giving your pets the ability to go in and out of the house as desired without being dependent on you at all. Sacramento Handyman offers professional pet door installation to local residents.

Size and Placement of the Door

After deciding that you want to give your pet the freedom that comes from having a pet door installed on your property, you will need to select the right size of door and the placement of the door. Many will choose to install a pet door in their primary back door, but some will also place the door inside the lower section of another exterior door, such as in a door on the side of the house or that leads to the garage. The pet door also may be installed in a wall rather than in a door. The size should be large enough to accommodate your largest pet, but you may not want the door so large that an adult could fit into the space.

Special Door Features

Typically, the pet door will be selected by the homeowner, and there are a few unique styles available to choose from. For example, some have a flexible plastic door that may create a moderate seal when the door lays flat. Others may have a removable door that you can install from the inside that essentially prevents the door from being accessed. This may be ideal when you are on vacation or in the evenings when you do not want your pets roaming in your yard.

Professional Installation

After you have selected the right size of pet door and you have selected the best location for the installation, you will be ready to install the door. Some homeowners may initially think about installing the pet door on their own. However, the door must be properly installed and aligned in order for it to function properly and to be a true benefit to your home. Selecting the location of the pet door may require you to locate studs in the wall, to cut through a thick wood or metal door or to complete other related tasks. Generally, many homeowners enjoy the speed, convenience and ease of professional installation.

At Sacramento Handyman, we provide a full range of handyman services to local residents, and we can install a pet door for you.

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4 thoughts on “Professional Installation of a Pet Door in Sacramento

  1. Great article! I really would love a customized one because some of the old fashion big ones scare me. I don’t want a dog door that is big enough for a robber to fit through it or anyone that could harm my family. These customized doors will really help with that.

  2. My sister gifted me a li’l puppy on my birthday. He is just 8 weeks old so I think we need your service after couple of weeks when he will be able to run from the pet door. Can you tell me your charge for that? Thank you.

  3. You guys did a phenomenal job on the pet door installation! As a single parent, safety is a plus, therefore we have an alarm system, newly-installed security door and a nice big bulldog. You helped me with the correct size and placement of it. Thanks so much for the great work! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this company for any home work needed.

  4. I love, love, LOVE the cat door I had these men install. I wanted it in such a strange place. Instead of being by a door, I wanted it to be in a window so it did not get in the way of my sliding doors. They did a fantastic job and I plan to have a second one put in for our dog in the future.

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