All about the Installation of an Interior Door in Sacramento

Sacramento interior door installation
All about interior door installation in Sacramento

Interior doors are easy to overlook when planning a home remodeling project, but they nonetheless have an important role in the overall décor of your home. Some doors are solid flat pieces of wood without any texture or design. Others have a rather generic or basic look that lacks flair. Still others are highly decorative, and some even have a French door style or are stained hardwood doors. Each style can impact your home décor in different ways, and because of this, you may be thinking about replacing your doors as part of a home improvement or remodeling project. Upgrading to a higher end style of door can improve your home with incredible results, and professional interior door installation is the perfect way to complete this type of project with ease.

Selecting the Door Style
There are several components to interior doors that will impact their look in your home once they are professionally installed. Perhaps the most obvious component is the style of the door. You can walk through a local home improvement store to get an idea about some of the common types of doors available to choose from, but you may also explore styles online for a more comprehensive selection. Keep in mind that these doors will be visible in every room in your home, so you should choose the style with care.

Choosing a Paint or Stain Color
You can purchase unfinished hardwood doors as well as primed doors that are ready to be painted. When you select the door style that you want, you should already know if you want to paint or stain the doors. Typically, the doors’ paint or stain color should match the trim in the rest of the home. For example, it can look unusual to have a door with a medium oak stain surrounded by a white door frame. If you choose to update your door color or to change from painted doors to stained doors, a contractor can help you update the trim throughout the home.

Picking Out Your Hardware
The final component to consider when updating your interior doors is the hardware. You can choose from finishes that range from gold and copper to rubbed bronze, satin nickel and more. In each of these and other finishes, there are numerous styles to choose from. These are accent pieces to the doors, and they typically should correspond with other accent features in the home, such as the finish on your plumbing or light fixtures. If you want to change the finish, a contractor can help you to replace other fixtures and features in your home that have the older finish that you no longer desire in your space.

Replacing your home’s interior doors is a wonderful way to improve the décor, but there are several steps to the replacement process. The professionals at Sacramento Handyman can help you with each stage of this process.

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4 thoughts on “All about the Installation of an Interior Door in Sacramento

  1. Hello there.

    I would like nothing more than to replace the interior doors in my property. I honestly think they are older than me. They are actually very plain and boring. They are just a plain dark wood board color and do not look very nice.

    The key issue I have is that they are a slighlty odd shape. They are not the standard size and are actually a little taller. Could you see this being a problem in terms of cost and effort or is it straight foward?

    There is a lovely picture on your post at the top which is a plain white door with some effect on it. That would look better than what I have now.

    Many thanks

  2. We had to replace an interior door only because the outside was damaged not warped. Unfortunately, the old door was thrown away so it could not be used as a template. A new door was hung and has never worked right; when the door is closed there’s a slight gap where you can see through. It’s seems no amount of “tweaking” is working. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the Tips. I will call for the estimate completion of my interior door installation when ready.

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