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Grand spiral stairs or simple straight-forward ones, low ceilings with embedded lights or high ceilings with crystal chandeliers hanging from them, wooden tiled floors or carpeted ones, patio doors that open to a garden or to a pool, foyers and attics and secret basement rooms – all of these are only some of the things that you would consider when choosing, buying or building your Sacramento dream house. Once you have decided on which house features you desire and cannot live without and which ones you could forgo, you start acquiring your home. There are times though wherein you will feel that your initial house feature options would be better if you do some form of home improvement. For instance, you might say that the lighting that leads to your front doors would appear dreamy if they were a bit softer or you might notice that your driveway would seem a bit bigger if it were altered just a little. But your home is new and well you have other responsibilities to care of. So you tell yourself that you will do home improvement later and you will wait for the moment when your house would need repair. And yet, when the moment for home repair and maintenance comes, you might still be busy with your many responsibilities.

The truth is, as a Sacramento homeowner, you probably do not have all the time in the world to spend hands-on on home improvement. You’ve got an incredibly hectic schedule ahead of you which can mean that the walls would remain chipped, the house paint would still be yellowed, the gates would be rusty, the driveway would be littered with concrete cracks, the roof would be leaking and the house would be close to falling apart. Before you panic though, breathe deeply and remember us! We, at Sacramento Handyman, are here for you for your home improvement projects. We are the number one Sacramento Home Repair contractor in the area and we get the job done right the first time! We assure you that if you hire us, your Sacramento home will enjoy our repair services!

What is our edge compared to other companies? First, we offer you AMAZING workmanship! We believe in our capacity to complete Sacramento home repair projects well that we put emphasis on amazing in describing our work. But we do not wish for you to automatically believe what we claim, we would like it better if you would read our customers’ testimonials to know more about us. Second, our repair services are budget-fitting and we do not overcharge customers. This is one reason why our customers hire us twice, thrice, n times. Third but not the least, our agents and representatives are gregarious, approachable and friendly even when their work is demanding. Likewise, they can take care of things with grace and sophistication that surpasses that of the more expensive contractors!

Specifically, what do we offer? Oh, quite a lot actually and among others, we carry out projects that we collectively call as G3D2L: The Sacramento Handyman Mark. G3D2L stands for our garage, grout, gate, driveway, drywall and lighting repair services.

Sacramento Garage Repair. It’s very natural for garages and their doors to have wear and tear. Changes in the weather condition and constant usage determine the extent of damage that your garage and its door may suffer from. If your Sacramento garage needs repair, do not hesitate one minute and immediately call us! We work wonders with springs, cables, retainers, openers and all garage door components. We make sure that the tracks are working properly too so that your garage door’s mobility is always without glitches.

Sacramento Grout Repair. Grout is the paste that repairmen and contractors use to fill in empty spaces between tiles, whether these are wall tiles or floor tiles. Although your great home maintenance ability can keep your tiles looking perfect always, overtime grout can crack or crumble and would have to be repaired, if not replaced. But who really wants to spend a lovely Sacramento day indoors to do grout repair? It would be such a shame to let the day pass you by, right? Fortunately, we know how you feel so we want you to take a load off and relax somewhere while we fix your grout problem. We can work with any type of grout – sanded, acrylic latex, epoxy or unsanded. We also have ways of matching the grout colour to your tiles so that it would not ruin the tile appearance.

Sacramento Gate Repair. Gates have two main functions - they can be for protection or for decoration. They can prevent prying eyes from prying into private lives and can liven up your backyard depending on their colour and their design. But broken gates are not only an eyesore, they are also impractical. Why have gates when they can no longer provide you the functionality that you need? It is important then to have your broken gates repaired. In Sacramento, gate repair contractors abound but only one is at the top of this long list and that company is Sacramento Handyman! We repair vinyl, wrought iron, aluminum, wooden and gates made of other materials. Pedestrian, ornamental, driveway gates or security gates – we are adept in working with several types of gates.

Sacramento Driveway Repair. If you have a garage, then you have a driveway and after regular use, your driveway will have cracks, potholes and will present you with several other problems. To keep your driveway safe and your car safer while passing through it, there is but one solution – repair it. To get rid of concrete scaling and cracking, resurfacing your driveway may be the best option. To deal with crumbling and lumpy asphalt, sealing the driveway is the way to go. And who’s the GO-TO company for this job? In Sacramento, we’re the driveway repair masters to concretely seal the deal with you!

Sacramento Drywall Repair. You might ask, what is a drywall? Well it’s the stuff that your home wall and ceiling are made of! It is created through the use of gypsum and is otherwise known as a gypsum wallboard. Other homebuilders refer to it as plasterboard or sheetrock. However way it is called, the important thing is that drywall keeps you safe and warm inside your home. Furthermore, in emergency situations, dry wall protects people from fire due its fire-resistance quality. But no amount of spidey-sense can protect drywalls from damages if they are not well-maintained. For drywall repair in Sacramento then, contact Sacramento Handyman. We are a genius in Sacramento homes drywall repair and we would like to share our genius ideas with you!

Sacramento Lighting Repair. Your home’s security can be breached if you do not have a good lighting system. Working lights are essential house features because no one wants to be left in the dark when night draws in. Besides, how will young children read their books without a light? How will you do a bit of extra work to catch your deadlines without efficient lamps? Of course, you cannot be productive without proper lighting. So, when you have lighting concerns, call us! We provide all of Sacramento lighting repair that is at par with other expensive companies but far more reasonably priced than theirs.

So the main point is? Whenever you plan to engage in home improvement and home repairs, hire Sacramento Handyman. Our top quality work and cost-effective service charges can and will help keep home improvement blues away! Keep in mind that if it’s not G3D2L, it’s not the Sacramento mark!

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